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1350 - One Lombard Place
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For more than 30 years, the Manitoba Medical College Foundation (MMCF) played an important role in Manitoba’s medical community and many of its funds date back even further.

In 2011, as a result of rising administration costs and increased investment management fees, the MMCF transferred its assets, worth approximately $4 million, to The Winnipeg Foundation. Each of the more than 60 MMCF funds continues to bear the name, and respect the wishes, of its original donor. Together, they generate more than $100,000 annually that assists medical students, residents, students in graduate school and medical rehabilitation, and helps maintain the Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library.


To make a gift to any of the following funds, please click on the fund name.

Scholarship and Bursary Funds   Funds for designated purposes
B.Sc. (Med) Student Scholarship*   Anesthesia Centre of Excellence Fund
The Gordon Bell Bursary Fund   Art Collection Maintenance Fund
Dr. E.S. Bryngelson Memorial Fund   Dr. Wayne Beecroft Memorial Fund
Class of 1949 BSc Med Travel Fund   Sydney Blumenthal Memorial Library Fund
Class of 1954 Student Bursary Fund   Dr. Joe Burgess Memorial Fund
Dr. Helen M. Lousley Cairncross Bursary Fund   Dr. George W. Cope Cancer Research Fund
Dr. Augustine Chang Memorial Bursary Fund   Joseph Doupe Visiting Professorship Fund
Community Medicine Education and Research Fund   Educational Opportunities and Development Fund
Deer Lodge Awards   Dr. Abraham Hollenberg Library Fund
Carl Duerksen Memorial Award Fund   Dr. Jacob Hollenberg Memorial Fund
Entrance Scholarship for Medical Rehab*   Dr. Joseph & Dr. Dorothy Hollenberg Memorial Fund – NJM Library
Family Physicians’ Wives Memorial Fund   Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library Fund
T.W. Fyles Bursary Fund   Dr. Solomon and Viola Malis Library Fund
Graduate Students Travel Awards*   Manitoba Follow-up Study Fund
Isabelle M. and Clair William Hall Memorial Fund   MATE Anesthesia CME Fund
Jack Hildes Memorial Fund   Dr. Walter Nakielny Research Fund
Dr. Joseph & Dr. Dorothy Hollenberg Memorial Fund – Human Anatomy   Dr. R.D. Oatway Fund
Dale Iwanoczko Memorial Fund   The Opthalmology Education and Research Fund
Dr. Lloyd William Jacobsen Memorial Fund   Dept. of Physiology Library Trust
Dr. Samuel Kay Fellowship Fund   Respiratory 2 Faculty Development Fund
Dr. George A. Keates Admission Scholarship Fund   Bernie Ring Memorial Fund
Kerr/Blanchaer Student Bursary Fund   Roger’s Medical Library Trust Fund
The Robin Krause Human Values Prize in Family Medicine   Roulston, Majury, Chang Alumni Education Day Fund
Dr. Sam McMorris Memorial Fund   Estate of Charles Mitchell Walkden Fund
Medical Students Travel Awards*   Western Surgical Fund
Henry Melmed Memorial Fund    
Flora Mower Fund    
Paul Nehra Prize in Family Medicine Fund    
Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences Scholarship Fund    
Parkland Family Medicine Trust    
The Reverend Thomas Alfred Payne Fund    
Dr. Ella Lillian Peters Fund    
Dr. Jack Sheps Memorial Fund    
Dr. Daniel P. Snidal Memorial Fund    
Dr. C.B. Stewart Award (Bursary)    
W & F & D Waite Memorial Bursary    
Estate of Anna Widiner Fund    
The Jack Wilt Fund    
Eva Balazs Memorial BSc Med Fund

* Please note: The Fund formerly known as the General Scholarships and Bursaries Fund has now been broken down into four specific funds, supporting travel and scholarships for students.


To learn more about The Winnipeg Foundation, visit the Foundation’s website.

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